Christen Mikkelsen Kold

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Christen Mikkelsen Kold
Kold Christen.jpg
Born 29 March 1816
Thisted, Jutland, Denmark
Died 6 April 1870
Nationality Denmark
Other names Kristen Mikkelsen Kold
Education Teacher
Occupation Educator
Known for Creation of the Danish folk high school system
Parent(s) Father Mikkel Christensen Kold, a shoemaker
A commemorative plaque for Christen Kold in Thisted

Christen Mikkelsen Kold (sometimes spelled Kristen or Cristen; 29 March 1816 — 6 April 1870) was a Danish teacher, notable for creating the Danish high-school system.

Kold was born in Thisted, Jutland.

Unsatisfied with the education system of Denmark at the time, he founded a school in Ryslinge in 1851, which later became a model for the folk high-school system. His work has to be seen in context with that of N. F. S. Grundtvig.

Kold died in Dalum, Fyn (not to be confused with Dalum, Sweden).

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