Crouçie d'où là

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Crouçie d'où là
Crouçie d'où là.jpg
Studio album by Emilíana Torrini
Released 1995
Genre Blues, soul, jazz
Emilíana Torrini chronology
Crouçie d'où là

Crouçie d'où là is the first album released by the Icelandic singer, Emilíana Torrini, released in 1995. The title of the record is a play on words. It is spelled as if it were a French phrase, but it is a homonym of the Icelandic word Krúsídúlla which means cutie pie. The songs include "Crazy Love" written by Van Morrison, "I" written by the Japanese group Pizzicato Five and "Miss Celie's Blues" (from the movie The Color Purple).

Crouçie d'où là is no longer available. When Torrini was asked by a French fansite in a 2008 interview, she responded[citation needed] :

"No I really don't want it to. I have a funny relationship with that record and I guess I have disowned it in someways. My mum proudly took it out of the shelves at Christmas and played it to my boyfriend. I hadn't heard it since I recorded it. It was too painful... I didn't like it. She laughed. He blushed."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm a Bad Luck Woman" (Memphis Minnie)
  2. "Crazy Love" (Van Morrison)
  3. "The Man with the Golden Gun" (Don Black, John Barry)
  4. "Today I Sing the Blues" (Aretha Franklin)
  5. "I" (Pizzicato Five, Yasuharu Konishi)
  6. "The Dirty Dozen" (Speckled Red)
  7. "Tomorrow" (Paul Williams)
  8. "Find It"
  9. "Miss Celie's Blues" (Jones, Temperton, Richie)
  10. "Aaaa..."[1]


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