Cruel Map of Women's Bodies

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Cruel Map of Women's Bodies
Cruel Map of Women's Bodies.jpg
Theatrical poster for Cruel Map of Women's Bodies (1967)
Directed by Masanao Sakao[1]
Starring Naomi Tani
Distributed by Ōkura Eiga
Release date
October 28, 1967
Running time
71 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Cruel Map of Women's Bodies (女体残虐図 Nyotai Zangyakuzu?)[2] aka Female Bodies in a Brutal Scenario[3] is a 1967 Japanese pink film directed by Masanao Sakao. It is significant for being future "S&M Queen" Naomi Tani's first starring role in a film dealing primarily with S&M.


Yōko is a young woman who is forced into prostitution by a yakuza gang. She repeatedly escapes from the gang, and is repeatedly captured, and repeatedly tortured at length.[4][5][6]


  • Naomi Tani as Yōko[5]
  • Sachiko Inoue
  • Miki Hayashi as Harue
  • Jōji Nagaoka as Asada
  • Akio Shirakawa as Akagawa
  • Sanpei Nawa as Aoki
  • Hiroko Fuji


Director Masanao Sakao filmed Cruel Map of Women's Bodies for Ōkura Eiga and it was released theatrically in Japan by that studio on October 28, 1967.[2] Sakao made several films about prostitutes throughout his career.[4] In Virgins With Bad Reputations (1967), he directed Naomi Tani again, as a former prostitute trying to escape her past.[7] Sakao found his greatest success at Nihon Cinema studio with Virgins and Pimp (1968).[8]

Actress Naomi Tani, who would become known as the "Queen" of S&M film had her first experience with cinematic S&M theme in director Kin'ya Ogawa's Memoirs Of A Modern Female Doctor (also 1967). However, Cruel Map of Women's Bodies was her first film which fully explored S&M as its central theme.[4]





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