Cymbals (band)

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Origin  Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 19972003
Labels LD&K Records (1997–1998)
Victor Entertainment (1999–2003)
Associated acts Asako Toki, Yann Tomita
Website "Love You" Cymbals
Members Asako Toki
Reiji Okii
Hiroyasu Yano

Cymbals (シンバルズ?) was a Japanese rock band active from 1997-2003. The trio was composed of vocalist Asako Toki (土岐麻子?), bassist/guitarist Reiji Okii (沖井礼二?), and drummer Hiroyasu Yano (矢野博康?). Like other Japanese bands which emerged in the late 1990s (including Clammbon and Hermann H. & the Pacemakers), Cymbals were strongly influenced by the British pop-rock sounds of the 1960s. Despite solid songwriting and album production, they never scored a true "hit", which eventually resulted in the band's breakup in September 2003. They played a final 90-minute farewell concert at Shibuya O-East on January 20, 2004. The group's members remain musically active – Toki as a solo artist, Okii as a producer (for Toki and others), and Yano as a session drummer and producer.


Year Title Record Co.
1998/4/25 I'm a Believer S
1998/5/25 NEAT, OR CYMBAL! A LD&K Records
1998/11/25 Winter Day Song S
1998/12/15 Missile & Chocolate A LD&K Records
1999/5/8 What A Shiny Day A no music no life TOWER RECOMMENDS CD
1999/6/23 午前8時の脱走計画 (8am Escape Plan) S
1999/8/25 RALLY S
1999/12/1 My Brave Face S
2000/1/21 That's Entertainment A Victor Entertainment
2000/4/21 Do You Believe In Magic? S
2000/8/23 Highway Star, Speed Star S
2000/9/21 Mr.Noone Special A Victor Entertainment
2001/3/23 RESPECTS A Victor Entertainment
2001/8/22 Higher than the Sun e.p. S
2001/11/21 Well-done (Cymbals Remix Album) A Victor Entertainment
2002/6/5 Wingspan S
2002/7/3 sine A Victor Entertainment
2002/10/23 Love Thing S
2003/5/21 Love You A Victor Entertainment
2003/9/3 requests! A Victor Entertainment
2003/12/25 anthology A Victor Entertainment

nb: A=Album; S=Single

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