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Origin Bandung, Indonesia
Genres Acoustic, Folk
Years active 2007-present
Labels Aquarius Musikindo
Website http://www.dcinnamons.com/

Diana Widoera A.K.A. Dodo
Riana Mayasari

Ismail Bonaventura A.K.A. Bona

D'Cinnamons is an Indonesian unplugged-acoustic band established in September 2004. The band consists of three members, two female and one male: Dodo (lead vocal and rhythms), Bona (lead guitar and vocal), and Nana (acoustic bass and vocal). Their debut album, Good Morning, was released in early 2007 with their first single, “Loving You”.

Group history[edit]

Started as a cafe band, in 2004 D'Cinnamons played acoustic versions of most Top 40 songs in their hometown Bandung. Then In 2007 they decided to release their own songs on their debut album Good Morning. They reach popularity among Indonesian after they released the singles Selamanya Cinta in late 2007 as a soundtrack of the movie Cintapuccino. It won the most favorite soundtrack of the year in Indonesian Movie Award 2008.

After huge success they released singles Galih dan Ratna in 2009, Damai Tapi Gersang in 2010.

Their latest album Atlantis released in February 2012. it is produced by Suwardi Widjaja and Directed by Andi Riyanto.


Album Year
Good Morning 2007
OST.Cintapuccino 2007
Singles Galih dan Ratna 2009
Singles Damai Tapi Gersang 2010
Atlantis 2012


Album Song
Good Morning Ku Yakin Cinta
Good Morning MayDay I'm In Love
Good Morning Loving You
Good Morning Super Girl
Good Morning Tak Takut
Good Morning I.M.U.L
Good Morning Good Morning
Good Morning Semua Yang Ada
Good Morning I Love You...
Good Morning So Would You Let Me Be...
Album Song
OST Cintapucino Selamanya Cinta...
Album Song
Singles Galih dan Ratna
Album Song
Singles Damai Tapi Gersang
Album Song
Atlantis My Lovely Friend
Atlantis Teman Hidup
Atlantis Atlantis
Atlantis The Wonderer
Atlantis Kamulah Yang Sempurna
Atlantis Aku Sungguh Bodoh
Atlantis Dreamer
Atlantis Pilih pilih pilih
Atlantis Pasti Bisa
Atlantis Langkah Baru

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