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DMAX is large-screen cinema format developed in China.[1] It was created in an attempt to challenge the IMAX monopoly which currently dominates China's large-screen film market. The screen size is 20 x 12 metres compared to IMAX's 22 x 16. DMAX was jointly developed by the China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology and the China Film Group Corporation. The first film shown in the DMAX format was in Anhui Province. [2] As of 2012, over a dozen DMAX cinemas have been opened in China, with ticket prices being lower than its competitor, IMAX.[3] IMAX said: DMAX are stolen trade secrets and name "MAX" from IMAX, a former employee stolen its core technology and source codes to DMAX. now DMAX has to rename to China Film Giant Screen. [4]


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