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A DYMO DiscPainter in action.

DYMO DiscPainter is a CD and DVD printer that prints a user's image or text of choice directly onto the disc, eliminating the need for labels.[1]

The device prints directly onto spinning CD's or DVD's[2] in 60 seconds for a 600dpi image. For a 1200dpi image the print time is reportedly about 3 minutes.[3] Edge-to-center hub printing for full coverage on the disc. Discus for DYMO software included ready - made canvases and a photo collage tool.

DiscPainter is manufactured by DYMO, a company that specializes in label-making devices. Patented with RadialPrint™ Technology.

According to the New York Times, the printer is small, silent and easy to use. They note however that the DiscPainter only works with inkjet-printable discs which are a few dollars more expensive than regular discs.[4]

The inkjet printer is useful to individuals in creative industries like designers, photographers, and artists who need to produce visually compelling discs.[5] Also, Intended for smaller carbon footprint by consumer creating personalized cd covers at a time when downloading music was a new technology, which was hurting the thriving music industry, also allowing independent artists a cost effective option to distribute their music of an affordable means.


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