Dacrymyces palmatus

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Dacrymyces palmatus
Dacrymyces palmatus - orange jelly fungus.jpg
Orange jelly in West Berlin, Vermont
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Dacrymycetes
Order: Dacrymycetales
Family: Dacrymycetaceae
Genus: Dacrymyces
D. palmatus
Binomial name
Dacrymyces palmatus
Bres. (1904)

Dacrymyces chrysospermus Berk. & M.A. Curtis 1873

Dacrymyces palmatus (orange jelly) is a species of jelly fungi in the family Dacrymycetaceae, and is nonpoisonous.[1] It is alternately reported to be both edible[2][3] and inedible.[4]

The species is usually yellow to orange, but varies from colorless to brown. The tough fruit bodies grow from a small disc or cushion formation. It resembles species of Tremella, which are usually tougher, particularly Tremella mesenterica. It differs microscopically from species of Dacrymyces.[5]

Gelatinous fruit body of Dacrymyces palmatus on a conifer log


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