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Cover of Soul Explosion

The Daktaris, whose name means "doctors" in Swahili, were an Afrobeat revival group based in Brooklyn.[1] The group no longer exists today, though some of its members have gone on to be part of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.[2]

Basing its sound on the style of 1970s African musicians like Fela Kuti, The Daktaris are today known for the faked Nigerian origin of their album Soul Explosion,[2][3] which included Africanized personnel names, a vintage cover, and a "Produced in Nigeria" label. They make reference to their forged backstory in the track title " Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti", which is "It Is All A Big Hustle" backwards.[4] Soul Explosion was originally recorded in 1998 and released under the Desco label. It was reissued by Daptone Records in 2004.


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