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The Sathwara or Sathvara or Satwara are a Hindu caste found in the state of Gujarat in India.[1]


According to them, the sathwara are descended from a Rajput who took a Kurmi wife and then left North India for Saurashtra. Their own origin mythology refers to a belief that they were Kshatriya, who escaped the wrath of the Hindu god Parshurama by abandoning the Kshatriya custom of being warriors and took to farming. They are found mainly in north Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch. They speak Gujarati and Kutchi. The sathwara mostly live in Gujarat especially in Patan, Mehsana, Surendrnagar, Jamnagar,Vadhiyar, Junagadh, Morbi, Bhavnagar, and Sabarkantha. The different castes of this samaj are sathwara, sathwara, satavara, Sonagra, kadia, nakum, kanzariya, khandhar, khant, chauhan, parmar, solanki and so on... According to some people the sathwaras were formerly farmers.

They are found mainly in north Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch. They speak Gujarati and Kutchi.[1]

Present circumstances[edit]

The Sathwara are found mainly in the districts of Dwaraka, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, and Junagadh, MorbiDistrict village[[Gor Khijadiya,Vanaliya,Paneli,lakhdhir Pur,Kalika Nagar,Jivapar,Badanpar Etc..]Rakesh Kanzariya(Gor khijadiya)]Morbi Districts (Sathwara (Dalwadi)) Main Business (Construction Contractor, Farmer, Lath Company,Tiles Business Etc..). The Satwara are also located in North Gujarat (Visnagar, Mehsana, Patan, Kheralu, Umta, Vadali, etc. Rahul C Satwara) The north Gujarat Sathwara are further divided into territorial divisions, the Dandariya group found in Sabarkantha and Patanwadia and Dandhavya found in Mehsana District. They are further divided into exogamous clans, the main ones being the Khandar, Kanzariya, Sonagra,Lakum,Nakum,Kateshiya, Katechia, Kacchatiya, Chopda, Chauhan, Jambukia, Chavada, Parmar, Bedia, Mori, Makwana, vaid and Dabhi. They are constituents of the ther-tasidi group of Hindu castes, that interdine.[1]

The Sathwara are a number of found in Gujarat, and have similar customs. Traditionally, they were Kshatriya and were engaged in diverse occupations such as masonry, Stone Carving and Farming. However, the majority of the community remain farmers.

Other names of Sathwara community[edit]

They are known by names of Sathwara, Sathvara, Satvara, Satwara, Kutchi Satvara, Satvara or Kadia Sathwara or Kadia Satvara Dalwadi or Sathwara Kadia Samaj or Satwara Salat[2][3]

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