2014 University of Minnesota rape case

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The 2014 University of Minnesota rape case was a highly mediatized case involving Daniel "Dan" York Drill-Mellum, a student of University of Minnesota and fraternity member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Drill-Mellum violently raped 19-year-old Abby Honold twice at his apartment in November 2014. He left claw marks on her body, bit chunks of her breasts, and shoved his fist so far into her mouth that he tore open part of her tongue during the attack.[1] After escaping, she immediately went to the hospital where a nurse described Honold's injuries as some of the worst she'd ever seen.[2] The case received ongoing coverage in the media after Honold came forward and talked about how initially authorities did not press charges.[3]

Drill-Mellum had been arrested on Christmas Eve 2015 in relation to Honold's allegations from 2014.[4] He was released after his fraternity brothers secretly recorded a five-minute phone call with Honold. During the call, she stated twice that Drill-Mellum had raped her and detailed her injuries. But when Drill-Mellum's roommate asked her, "did you guys have consensual sex?”, he mumbled the word to make it sound like "actual sex." Honold responded "yes" and police dropped the charges.[5] In 2016 Drill-Mellum was arrested again[6] after Kevin Randolph, a veteran of the University of Minnesota's police department, reviewed the recording and successfully re-opened the case.[7] Drill-Mellum was tried for the rape of Honold and another victim he raped on Halloween 2014.[8] On August 31, 2016, he was sentenced to a 74-months in prison following a guilty plea on two counts of rape.[9]

In November 2016, an episode of the Dr. Phil Show was aired about the case.[10] In April 2017, Investigation Discovery paired with deadline host Tamron Hill and aired an episode about the case.[11]

After the case concluded, Honold contacted the office of Sen. Al Franken to set up a meeting on a bill that would help law enforcement improve the reporting process for future victims. The bill seeks to establish federal funding for the purpose of training officers and first responders on the most effective techniques to use when interviewing sexual assault victims. Educating law enforcement officials and investigators on proper techniques is a key component of the legislation, which is tentatively named The Abby Honold Bill.[12]

In November 2017, after Sen. Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct, Honold sought out a new sponsor for the bill. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office promptly picked up the sponsor, and will be working with Honold moving forward.[13]


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