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Daniel Roseingrave (c.1655 – May 1727) was an English-born organist and composer mainly active in Dublin, Ireland.

Roseingrave probably hailed from the area of Gloucester, where he was organist at Gloucester Cathedral (1679–81) and where he later sent his sons to for education. He subsequently became organist at Winchester Cathedral (1682–92) and Salisbury Cathedral (1692–98), and finally from 1698 at both Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin and St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, which "marked the beginning of a period of half a century when the Roseingrave family dominated the musical scene at the Dublin cathedrals."[1] He remained organist at Christ Church until his death in Dublin in 1727; at St Patrick's his son Ralph joined him from 1719.

He composed some church music including a verse anthem Lord, thou art become gracious. His works are often confused with that of his sons; a disentangling of the works of the various Roseingraves in Ireland is currently (2014) in preparation.[2]

His sons Thomas Roseingrave and Ralph Roseingrave were likewise composers and organists.


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