Darbytown and New Market Roads Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads on October 7, 1864. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

First Corps[edit]

LTG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Field's Division
MG Charles W. Field

Anderson's Brigade

BG George T. Anderson

  • 7th Georgia Infantry
  • 8th Georgia Infantry
  • 9th Georgia Infantry
  • 11th Georgia Infantry
  • 59th Georgia Infantry
Law's Brigade

Col. W. F. Perry

  • 4th Alabama Infantry
  • 15th Alabama Infantry
  • 44th Alabama Infantry
  • 47th Alabama Infantry
  • 48th Alabama Infantry
Gregg's Brigade

BG John Gregg (k)
Col F.S. Bass

Benning's Brigade

BG Henry L. Benning

Bratton's Brigade

BG John Bratton

  • 1st South Carolina Infantry
  • 5th South Carolina Infantry
  • 6th South Carolina Infantry
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles

BG Edward Porter Alexander

Cabell's Battalion

Col H.C. Cabell

  • Anderson's (Virginia) Battery
  • Callaway's (Georgia) Battery
  • Carlton's (Georgia) Battery
  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery
Huger's Battalion

Ltc F. Huger

  • Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Moody's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Parker's (Virginia) Battery
  • Smith's (Virginia) Battery
  • Taylor's (Virginia) Battery
  • Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery
Hardaway's Battalion

Ltc R.A. Hardaway

  • Dance's (Virginia) Battery
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery
  • Griffin's (Virginia) Battery
  • Smith's (Virginia) Battery
Haskell's Battalion

Maj John C. Haskell

  • Flanner's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Ramsay's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Garder's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Lankin's (Virginia) Battery
Stark's Battalion

Ltc A. W. Stark

  • Green's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Armistead's (Virginia) Battery
  • French's (Virginia) Battery

Fourth Corps[edit]

LTG Richard H. Anderson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hoke's Division
MG Robert F. Hoke

Hagood's Brigade

BG Johnson Hagood

  • 11th South Carolina Infantry
  • 21st South Carolina Infantry
  • 25th South Carolina Infantry
  • 27th South Carolina Infantry
  • 7th South Carolina Infantry Battalion
Colquitt's Brigade

BG A.H. Colquitt

  • 6th Georgia Infantry
  • 19th Georgia Infantry
  • 23rd Georgia Infantry
  • 27th Georgia Infantry
  • 28th Georgia Infantry
Clingman's Brigade

BG Thomas L. Clingman

  • 8th North Carolina Infantry
  • 31st North Carolina Infantry
  • 51st North Carolina Infantry
  • 61st North Carolina Infantry
Kirkland's Brigade

BG W.W. Kirkland

  • 17th North Carolina Infantry
  • 42nd North Carolina Infantry
  • 66th North Carolina Infantry

Col H.P. Jones

Mosley's Battalion

Ltc E.T. Mosley

  • Slaten's (Georgia) Battery
  • Cumming's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Miller's (Virginia) Battery
  • Young's (Virginia) Battery
Blount's Battalion

Maj G. Blount

  • Dickerson's (Virginia) Battery
  • Marshall's (Virginia) Battery
  • Macon's (Virginia) Battery
  • Sullivan's (Virginia) Battery
Cort's Battalion

Maj James C. Cort

  • Wright's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Bradford's (Mississippi) Battery
  • Pegram's (Virginia) Battery
Martin's Battalion

Cpt S. Taylor Martin

  • Martin's (Virginia) Battery
  • Sturdivant's (Virginia) Battery

Cavalry Corps[edit]

LTG Wade Hampton

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

W.H.F. Lee's Division
MG W.H.F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade

BG Rufus Barringer

  • 1st North Carolina Cavalry
  • 2nd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 3rd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 5th North Carolina Cavalry
Beale's Brigade

BG R.L.T. Beale

Dearing's Brigade

BG J. Dearing

  • 8th Georgia Cavalry
  • 4th North Carolina Cavalry
  • 16th North Carolina Cavalry

Butler's Division
MG M.C. Butler

Butler's Brigade

Col H.K. Aiken

Young's Brigade

Col J.F. Waring

  • 10th Georgia Cavalry
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
  • Phillip's (Georgia) Legion
  • Jeff Davis (Mississippi) Legion
Horse Artillery

Maj R. Preston Chew

  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery
  • McGregor's (Virginia) Battery