Darbytown and New Market Roads Union order of battle

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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads (October 7, 1864) during the Petersburg Campaign of the American Civil War. Order of battle is compiled from the official tabulation of casualties and includes only units which sustained casualties.[1]

Military Rank Abbreviations Used[edit]


Army of the James[edit]

X Corps[edit]

MG David B. Birney

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
    MG Alfred H. Terry

First Brigade

  Col Francis B. Pond

Second Brigade

  Col Joseph C. Abbott

Third Brigade

  Col Harris M. Plaisted

Artillery Brigade

  Ltc Richard H. Jackson

  • New Jersey Light, 5th Battery
  • 3rd Rhode Island Light, Battery C
  • 1st U.S., Batteries C & D
  • 3rd U.S., Battery E
  • 4th U.S., Battery D

Cavalry Division
    BG August V. Kautz

First Brigade

  Col Robert M. West

  • 3rd New York
  • 5th Pennsylvania
Second Brigade

  Col Samuel P. Spear

  • 1st District of Columbia Battalion
  • 11th Pennsylvania
Artillery Brigade

  Lt Dorman L. Noggle

  • Wisconsin Light, 4th Battery
  • 1st U.S., Battery B


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