David Elimelech Tzanger

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Rabbi David Elimelech Tzanger
Krakower Rebbe
Personal details
Born 1880
Nowy Sacz, Poland
Died 1962
Buried Har Hamenuchot
Nationality Polish
Parents Isaac Pinchus and Hinda Rechel Tzanger (née Kirshbaum)

Rabbi David Elimelech Tzanger (born Nowy Sacz, Poland 1880-1962) was a religious figure and Hasidic personality in his native Poland, Canada and Israel. Tzanger was born to parents Isaac Pinchus and Hinda Rechel Tzanger (née Kirshbaum), who were followers of the Tsanz Hasidic sect. He was a disciple of the first Bobover Rebbe - Reb Shlomo Halberstam. He was originally trained as a ritual slaughterer, however due to his extreme piety and knowledge of Jewish law he was crowned the Krakower (Crakow) Rebbe by the then Bobover Rebbe Ben Zion Halberstam. This was a prestigious position as the city of Cracow was a major centre of Hasidic Judaism. The Krakower Rebbe was then sent to Canada to lead the Hasidic community there and finally to Israel where he led a community of hasidic Jews in Tel Aviv. The Krakower rebbe was buried on the Har Hamenuchot in recognition of his contribution to Judaism.

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