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Combination of
sulfuric acid Mineral acid
Phenolsulfonic acid Sulfonic acid
sulfonated phenolic compound wood creosote
Clinical data
Legal status
Routes of
CAS Registry Number 7664-93-9 YesY 1333-39-7
ATC code None
 N (what is this?)  (verify)

Debacterol (R) Canker Sore Pain Relief solution is a liquid topical agent that is used in the treatment of ulcerating oral mucosal lesions and minor oral abrasions.[1]


Debacterol is uniquely effective[medical citation needed] in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (Canker Sores). Debacterol usually comes in a swab form, but is also available in a vial. Its formulation is documented more deeply in U.S. Patent 6,596,299 and U.S. Patent 6,830,757.

How it works[edit]

For the ulcerating mucosal lesion to heal, the factors causing the injury must first be controlled at the ulcer site. Then, any necrotic tissue debris in the ulcer bed must be removed so that healthy new cells are able to migrate into the damaged area and proliferate. In the normal course of healing the immune system is relied upon to perform and promote all of these activities. A limiting factor in the rate of ulcer healing is the capacity of the immune system of an individual to prevent further damage and to clear the way for repair cells to infiltrate and multiply.

Debacterol forms a physical protective barrier that provides immediate and long lasting relief of pain associated with canker sores (mouth ulcers), mouth sores, and traumatic ulcers, such as thoses causes by braces. While not a complete cure, Debacterol takes away the major pain associated with the ulceration allowing the patient to eat, speak and continue day to day normal activities that would otherwise have been impaired if the discomfort was still present.

To treat with Debacterol you first dry the ulcer, than apply the coated swab end directly to the lesion and held there for 5–10 seconds while gently rolling the swab around so as to cover the ulcer and the area immediately surrounding the ulcer. A brief but intense stinging sensation is experienced immediately upon application. Following application, the treated area is to be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water and spit out, this is done to remove any excess Debacterol material.



One clinical trial comparing Debacterol to Kenalog-in-Orabase and a no-intervention control group found that patients treated with Debacterol reported significantly better relief of symptoms compared to the other two groups 3 days after treatment.[3] In the same study, 60% of ulcers treated with Debacterol had disappeared by day 6 compared to about 30% in the other groups.[3]

Debacterol appears to be more effective on mouth sores in areas of the mouth which have less saliva production. Since a mouth sore must be dry prior to application of Debacterol, the area under the tongue is difficult to get a solid application on. The length of time of pain relief and the overall effectiveness may be reduced in areas such as this.


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