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The former city of Dehistan/Mashhad-i Misrian, now in the Balkan Region of western Turkmenistan, was a major economic center from the 10th to the 14th centuries CE. The city lay on an important trade route of the states comprising Greater Iran.[1]

Site description[edit]

The site includes:[1]

  • Minaret built by Abu Ziyard
  • Mosque of Muhammad Khorezmshah
  • Fortified Walls

In the 15th Century the site was abandoned.[1]

World Heritage Status[edit]

This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on February 25, 1998, in the Cultural category.[1]


Coordinates: 38°16′12″N 54°37′30″E / 38.2700°N 54.6250°E / 38.2700; 54.6250