Democritus meditating on the seat of the soul

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Democrites meditating on the seat of the soul, by Léon-Alexandre Delhomme, 1868

Democritus meditating on the seat of the soul (Démocrite méditant sur le siège de l'âme) is a statue by Léon-Alexandre Delhomme (1841–1895), exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1868. It shows the Greek philosopher Democritus, his eyes fixed on a skull he holds in his hands. It is now exhibited in the garden of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

On its base is inscribed an extract from the 29th fable of La Fontaine:[1]

"Hippocrates in time arrived at the conclusion that he had not sought whether the heart or the head was the seat of either reason or sense in man and beast"


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