Dennis J. Patrick O'Grady

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Senator Dennis J. Patrick O'Grady (born December 9, 1943) was a Republican politician and is the youngest person elected to the Florida State Senate. He won his seat at age 23 in a court-ordered election on March 28, 1967 to represent the 19th District and served until 1968. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and had worked as a building contractor and nurseryman.[1]


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Dennis O'Grady held the state chair for the Floria Federation of Young republicans from 1969 – 1970 Dennis O’Grady (Volusia County), 1968 – 1969 Dennis O’Grady (Volusia County). He also was a good friend and worked closely with C.W. Bill Young. His tragic death was a life changing experience not only for our family but also for the political world. He was married to Carolyn Woods and they have a daughter named Kelly O'Grady-Nutty who works in Washington D.C as an Interim Development Coordinator at COTS. He is survived by a sister named Carol Knoop and a brother named Jack O'Grady along with many nieces and nephews.