Devata (1965 film)

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Devatha 1964.JPG
Directed by K. Hemambharadhara Rao
Produced by B. Padmanabham
B. Purushottam
Written by Veeturi (story, dialogues and lyrics)
Starring N.T. Rama Rao
Chittor V. Nagaiah
B. Padmanabham
Music by S. P. Kodandapani
Cinematography M. G. Singh
Edited by M. S. N. Murthy
Release date
24 July 1964
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget Rs. 5 lakhs.

Devata is a 1964 Telugu drama and musical film produced by veteran comedian B. Padmanabham and directed by K. Hemambharadhara Rao.[1] Mahanati Savitri portrayed dual role in this film. The story had a similar plot with a Tamil film Kaathirundha Kangal.

The soundtrack has numbers with music score provided by S. P. Kodandapani.


Lecturer Prasad (N T Ramarao) and Seeta (First Savitri) are a happily married couple. They have a son Madhu (Master Murali). Seeta looks after her parents-in-law very affectionately. She also takes care of every family affair meticulously. She comes to know that her father Seshaiah (Perumallu) is sick and starts home by train. The train meets with an accident. The family members come to know that Seeta is alive and rejoice. She reaches home, but is unable to identify any of them. Seshaiah leaves his entire property in the name of Seeta and dies. Dr. Rukminamma is called for consultation. She identifies that the lady in the family is not Seeta. Meanwhile, Prasad comes to know that Seeta died in the accident. The lady in their house is found to be Lalitha (Savitri) and arranges her marriage with her lover (Vallam). But he refuses with suspicion. Seeta's relative Jagannadham (Rajanala) kidnaps Lalitha for the property, but saved by Prasad. Taking into account the affection shown on her by the family, Lalitha decides to continue the relationship to replace Seeta and gets married to Prasad.




Veturi wrote this story for a drama company called Rekha and Murali Arts.Later everyone involved thought that the story was not suitable for a stage drama as the heroine of the story has to perform a duel role.It was felt that the story was suitable for a motion picture. B. Padmanabham took up the task of producing the film under the banner Rekha and Murali Arts with the support from Kakarla Venkateswarlu of Vani film distributors. Padmanabham mortgaged his house for Rs. 40,000 for the initial capital. Most of the shooting was done in Vauhini Studios, Chennai in three months.

  • Vanisri acted as a guest in the college anniversary festival song "Naaku Neeve Kaavalera". She became a megastar in her own right with block buster films later on in life.
  • Master Murali acted as Madhu, son of Prasad and Seeta. He is the eldest son of B. Padmanabham. He has acted in some films subsequently.
  • Padmanabham portrayed the character as Varahalu who is crazy about films and film actors.In the film he visits Madras to personally meet many famous film actors of that time. This part in the film became a special attraction for the masses.
  • Vallam Narasimha Rao, one of the partners in Rekha and Murali Arts has acted in the film as the lover of Savitri.


  • "Aalayaana Velasina Aa Devuni Reeti Illale Ee Jagathiki Jeevana Jyothi" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singer: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao; Cast: NTR and Savitri)
  • "Andamulolku" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singer: P. Susheela; Cast: Savitri and Nagaiah)
  • "Are Kushi Kushi Chestene Kalugu Husharu" (Lyricist: Dasarathi; Singer: S. Janaki)
  • "Bhalare Dheeruda Neevera Bhalare Veeruda Neevera" (Lyricist: Paalagummi Padma Raju; Singers: S. Janaki and P. B. Sreenivas; Cast: Padmanabham and Gitanjali)
  • "Bommanu Chesi Pranamu Posi Aadevu Neekidi Veduka" (Lyricists: Veeturi and Srirangam Srinivasa Rao; Singers: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao; Cast: NTR)
  • "Eethade Tragedee" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singer: Madhavapeddi Satyam; Cast: Padmanabham)
  • "Jagamella Parikinchu Challani Jabilli" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singer: Ghantasala; Cast: NTR and Nagaiah)
  • "Kannullo Misamisalu Kanipinchani" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singers: Ghantasala and P. Susheela; Cast: NTR and Savitri)
  • "Mavooru Madarasu Naa Peru Ramdasu" (Lyricist: Kosaraju Raghavaiah; Singers: B. Padmanabham and L. R. Eswari; Cast: Padmanabham and Gitanjali)
  • "Naaku Neeve Kaavalera" (Lyricist: C. Narayana Reddy; Singers: Madhavapeddi and S. Janaki; Cast: Vanisri, Ramu and others)
  • "Tholi Valape Pade Pade Piliche Edalo Sandadi Chese" (Lyricist: Veeturi; Singers: Ghantasala and P. Susheela; Cast: NTR and Savitri)


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