Devotion (Baby V.O.X)

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Studio album by Baby V.O.X
Released April 03, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre K-pop, dance, Ballad
Length ????
Language Korean
Label DR Music
Doremi Media

Devotion (Baby V.O.X) was the sixth album of the popular Korean girl group Baby V.O.X. Its singles was What Should I Do, Wish, and their Chinese single I'm Still Loving You. Baby V.O.X topped the Chinese music chart with the Chinese single I'm Still Loving You, 3rd place with What Should I Do and 4th place with the same single in Thailand as well. But their single Wish didn't charted well in the Korean Music Chart. This album sold about 610,000 copies in Asia alone.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 나 어떡해
  2. 바램
  3. 슬픈 기대
  4. 상처
  5. 사랑인가봐요
  6. 나를 잡아줘
  7. Loveless
  8. 눈물
  9. 거짓사랑
  10. 버려진 이별
  11. 마지막엔
  12. A.S.A.P (As Soon As Possible)
  13. 우연 (Deep club remix)
  14. I'm Still Loving You

Members during this release[edit]

Kim E-Z

Shim Eun-Jin

Kan Mi-Youn

Yoon Eun-Hye

Lee Hee-Jin