Diego l'interdite

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Diego l'interdite
Directed by David Constantin
Produced by Caméléon Production
Screenplay by David Constantin
Cinematography David Constantin, Jerôme Valin
Edited by David Constantin
Release date
Running time
52 minutes
Country Mauritius

Diego l'interdite is a Mauritian 2002 documentary film directed by David Constantin.


This documentary tells of how the Chagossians were torn from their islands in the northern Indian Ocean. In 1965, the Colonial British authorities declared the isle separate from Mauritius in exchange of its independence. Then, the United States rented Diego Garcia, the largest of the isles, to install a military base and the population was sent to Mauritius. The Chagossians have spent the past 36 years living in extreme poverty in Mauritius, dreaming of one day going home.


  • Gran Premio Europeo de las Primeras Películas 2002
  • Vues d’Afrique 2003