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Dill Records was a small punk rock/ska record label based out of Monte Sereno, California, that put out CDs/records from 1989-1998. The name is an allusion to initially the label's only band, Skankin' Pickle. It was started by Mike Park, a.k.a. Bruce Lee of Skankin' Pickle. The first other band with a release on Dill Records was the Tantra Monsters (Dill 006) in 1994. After the breakup of Skankin' Pickle, Mike Park continued releasing records, beginning the label Asian Man Records in 1996. Asian Man and Dill Records coexisted until 1998. Asian Man re-released many albums originally released by Dill Records, as all releases are now out of print and Dill Records is no longer in operation.

A partial Dill Records discography:

Artist Title Catalog Number
Skankin' Pickle Skafunkrastapunk CD/cass DILL 001 (reissued as DILL 0012 in 1997)
Skankin' Pickle Skankin' Pickle Fever CD/cass DILL 002 (reissued as DILL 0014 in 1997)
Skankin' Pickle Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle CD/cass DILL 003
Skankin' Pickle Skankin' Pickle Live CD/cass
Skankin' Pickle Hi, My Name is Erik Yee. My Favorite Band is Green Day! 7"
Slapstick Lookit CD/cass
The Tantra Monsters s/t (12 songs) CD/cass DILL 006
Janitors Against Apartheid / One Eye Open Nerds CD DILL 007
MU330 Chumps On Parade CD DILL 010
Los Rudiments Psychoska CD DILL 0011
The Facet Playing Second CD DILL 0015
Janitors Against Apartheid / One Eye Open 1 in 3,000 Nerds Can't Be Wrong CD DILL 016
Various Artists Dillinquents (Green) DILL 019
Various Artists Dillinquents (Red) DILL 020
78 RPM's Go EP DILL 0021
The Rabies Want Me Back EP CD DILL 022
78 RPM's New World Chivalry CD DILL 0023
Various Artists Misfitz of Ska CD/cass
Less Than Jake Pezcore CD/cass DILL #5