Diocletianopolis (Thrace)

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The southern gate of Diocletianopolis at night

Diocletianopolis (Greek: Διοκλητιανούπολις, Bulgarian: Диоклецианопол, "Town of Diocletian") was an ancient Roman town in the region of Thrace, nowadays the town of Hisarya in Bulgaria. It gained its official status as a city in 293 CE by the Roman emperor Diocletian.

Archeological research shows that the place was inhabited 6,000 years BCE. Later, a Thracian settlement developed there. About the 1st century CE Thrace was conquered by the Roman Empire and the settlement became a typical Roman city.

In 293 CE the Roman emperor Diocletian came here because of the healing mineral springs and the town was named after him.


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