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Disco Rick (a/k/a Ricky Taylor) is a Miami bass hip-hop musician[1] who has served as performer and producer over the past 15 years.

Rick began his music career with the Gucci Crew in the early 1980s, mixing music and writing lyrics that would go on to help define the Miami sound. He decided to strike out on his own before the group recorded their second album, and in 1990, he released his first LP with The Dogs - a group he co-founded on Joeyboy Records. This self-titled debut launched the hits "Crack Rock" and "Take It Off," and was followed up in 1991 with the highly successful Beware of the Dogs album. This LP added hits like "Nasty Dance" and "Get Down" to the group's repertoire, and comparisons to 2 Live Crew were often made of The Dogs among Miami bass / sex rap fans.

Rick soon decided to strike out on a solo career, toying with the notion on his 1991 release, The Negro's Back. While tracks on the LP did feature The Dogs, and its 12" singles did gain club notoriety, it wasn't until 1992 that Disco Rick officially split from the group and signed with Luke Records. There he released the album Back from Hell as Disco Rick and the Wolf Pack, and scored a hit with the song "Wiggle Wiggle."

1992 proved the end of the line for the recording careers of not only Disco Rick, but The Dogs as well. The latter's final LP, K-9 Bass, was released later that year without Disco Rick, and neither the group nor its onetime leader could gain the momentum apart that they had once had as a cohesive unit.

Rick soon turned his attention to production, going on to assist in the recording careers of artists such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ice-T, Fat Joe, and many others. Rick gave Lil Jon of the Eastside Boyz a brand new MPC-3000 beat player in 1996 and showed Lil Jon how to work it before leaving Atlanta to go back home to Miami to work with Bone Thugs. Shortly thereafter, Rick received a call from Lil Jon inviting him to come and work with him on the "Kings Of Crunk" album.

Disco Rick has gained a lot of respect over the years in the South with regional artists like Trick Daddy, Dirt Bag, Pretty Ricky, and more. Local radio stations in Miami keep a close lookout for Rick because he has a knack for bringing local talent to the national spotlight. Disco Rick is also one of the biggest club promoters in Miami, and that gives him access to DJs throughout the city. Rick's studio talents range from writing, producing, recording and mixing, to operations manager for Audio Vision Studios, where he currently spends his time managing and producing for Vision Records, the sister company of AVS.



The Dogs: "The Dogs"[edit]

JoeyBoy Records - JR 2003
Released March 28, 1990
1. Intro
2. Where Is Disco Rick At?
3. Let's Go, Let's Go
4. Fuck the President
5. Ten Little Niggers
6. Lick It
7. Take It Baby
8. Dog Call
9. Take It Off
10. Crack Rock
11. Who Gives a Fuck
12. Get Loose
13. Fuck You All

Disco Rick: "The Negro's Back"[edit]

JoeyBoy Records - JR 2004
Released late 1990
1. Intro
2. The Negro's Back
3. Stopped In Mississippi
4. Don't Do It "Nut"
5. Babies In Trash Cans
6. Flea Market
7. Fuck You
8. Suck That Dick
9. Hi-Ho
10. Let Us Get That Ass Baby
11. Let’s Get Muthafuckin Stupid
12. Fuck Around the Clock
13. Fuck You All No. ll
14. End

The Dogs: "Beware of the Dogs"[edit]

JoeyBoy Records - JR 2006
Released June 4, 1991
1. Intro
2. Talking True Shit
3. Radio
4. Get Down
5. Fuck All Night
6. Life About Crack
7. Sexy's Got Beef
8. Nasty Dance
9. Work that Ass Baby
10. Got that Spirit
11. I Know a Bitch
12. Hyped Up
13. Dogga Mix
14. Fuck You All III

The Dogs: "K-9 Bass"[edit]

JoeyBoy Records - JR 2007
Released November 17, 1992
(Note: Although Disco Rick did not appear on this album, it is included to preserve the history of The Dogs, whom Rick founded.)
1/2. Commin' Correct
1. Outta Gas
1 1/2. Dogs - Gimme Some Mo'
2. Shake Dance
2 1/2. Pussy on Cum Fire
3. Suck It Before I Fuck It
3 1/2. Bitch, Give Up the Money
4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
4 1/2. Shoot the Fucker
5. Mutt Them Ho's
5 1/2. Live with the Dogs
6. It's Time 2 Groove
7. Dogga Mixxx II
8. Dookie Shoot
8 1/2. Long and Strong
9. Pass the Pussy
10. Broamin
11. The Bite Has Begun
11 1/2. Dog's Barking

Disco Rick and the Wolf Pack: "Back from Hell"[edit]

Luke Records - XR 121-2
Released December 17, 1992
1. Intro
2. Fuck'em Up Rick
3. Miami "Liberty City"
4. Who's N the House
5. Don't Need U Bitch
6. Let's Go Some Mo'
7. Yes She Did
8. Can U Feel It
9. Let Me Lick U Girl
10. Wiggle Wiggle
11. The Fuck House
12. "Condom" Commercial
13. Back from Hell
14. Hop-a-Lon
15. Shoutouts
16. Wanna Record Deal

Artists Worked With[edit]

P Diddy, Faith Evans, MJG, Mario Winans, DMX, Bone Thugs N' Harmony, Method Man, Red Man, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Kane, Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, Inner Circle, Black Rob, JT Money, Raekwon, Trick Daddy, Nate Dogg, Krayzie Bone, Fat Joe, Loon, Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley, Ringo Starr, Layzie Bone, Felecia and the Mo Thugs Family, The Wailers, Dollar Bill, Daz Dilinger, Iconz, Big Stan, Just Blaze, Deuce Pop, 3re The Hard Way, Hangmen 3, Made Men, Ray Benzino, Drama, Field Mob, Big Pun.

Labels Worked For[edit]

Universal, Motown, MCA, Sony, Bad Boy Entertainment, Columbia, Def Jam/Island, Loud, Atlantic, Arista, Warner Bros., Slip N' Slide Records, Ruthless Records, TVT Records, SoSo Deff, D-3 Entertainment, TK Records, JoeyBoy Records, Luke Records, Vision Records.


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