Tales of the Supernatural

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Tales of the Supernatural
Tales Of The Supernatural Cover Artwork.jpg
Original poster
Directed by Steven M. Smith (segments "The Book, "The Hike", "Naked" & "Diary Of Disturbance")
Daniel Johnson (segments "Bryan's Daughter" & "Paralysis")
Produced by Steven M. Smith
Joe Shefer
Joey Paul Gowdy
Daniel Johnson
Written by Steven M. Smith (segments "The Hike", "Naked" & "Diary Of Disturbance")
Daniel Johnson (segments "Bryan's Daughter" & "Paralysis")
Matt Dickinson (segments "The Book")
Starring Bruce Payne
Jon Campling
Giles Alderson
Jon-Paul Gates
Music by Barry A. E. Covell
Kevin Leavy
Chrsi Davey
Cinematography Joe Gainsbough
Kirk Gaydon
Edited by Steven M. Smith
Barry Lupton
Greenway Entertainment
Distributed by Greenway Entertainment
Monarch Films
Release date
  • 17 October 2014 (2014-10-17)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £35,000

Tales of the Supernatural is a 2014 British horror film. It is a portmanteau film consisting of six short tales. Segments are written by Steven M. Smith, Daniel Johnson and Matt Dickinson and directed by Steven M. Smith and Daniel Johnson. The cast includes Bruce Payne, Jon Campling and Jon-Paul Gates. It is planned for release on 17 October 2014 on DVD and VOD worldwide through Monarch Films Inc and Greenway Entertainment.


The film consists of six supernatural tales (Disturbance, The Hike, Bryan's Daughter, The Book, Naked and Paralysis) linked together by a demon who is intent on collecting human souls.


  • Bruce Payne as Father Doyle
  • Jon Campling as the The Demon
  • Giles Alderson as Dominic Mears
  • Jon-Paul Gates as Andrew Flemming
  • Victoria Pritchard as Hannah Flemming (segment Disturbance)
  • Steven M. Smith as Hiker 2 (segment The Hike)
  • Olivia Jewson as Mary (segment "The Hike")
  • Aiste Gramantaite as Childminder (segment "Bryan's Daughter")
  • Laura Penneycard as Kate Mears
  • Juliet Lundholm as Lucy
  • Lynsey Pow as Julia Caskin (segment "The Book")
  • Debra Baker as Stephanie (segment "Bryan's Daughter")
  • Jeremy Hill as The Tall Man (segment "The Hike")
  • Joe Shefer as Michael (segment "The Hike")
  • Nina Hatchwell as Angela (segment "Paralysis")
  • Mia Baker as Mia (segment "Bryan's Daughter")
  • Patrick Rowe as Young Priest
  • Emma Claire Beckett as The Secretary / killer (segment "The Book")
  • Stephanie Covell as Daughter (segment "The Book")
  • Maria J.J. Smith as Little Girl (segment "The Hike")
  • Toni Brooks as Sally (segment "The Hike")


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