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There are a number of disused stations in the Barcelona Metro network, abandoned for various reasons. This is a comprehensive list:


Station Old line number Current line Opened Closed Area District Notes Reference
Bordeta FMT L1 1926 1983 La Bordeta Sants-Montjuïc It was closed as it was deemed unnecessary being too close to Santa Eulàlia. [1][2]
Correos Line I L4 1934 1972 Via Laietana Ciutat Vella The best known among the disused metro stations in the city, it was part of the aforementioned former L4 section. [1][2]
Fernando GMB L3 1946 1968 La Rambla Ciutat Vella Belongs to a section of the line which was closed when L3 expanded into the area and L4 started growing in another direction. It was replaced by Drassanes. [1][2]

Never opened[edit]

Station Old line number Current line Built Area District Notes References
Banco Line I L4 1911 Via Laietana Ciutat Vella It was built in the area known nowadays as Plaça d'Antonio Maura, the seat of the headquarters of a few banks, but was never opened to public use. In 1925 it became the line's depot, and it may have also been used by the banking institutions. [1][2]
Gaudí Line II L5 1968 Sagrada Família Eixample The station was next to Sagrada Família and was an early project for what would eventually become the current Sagrada Família metro station. It can be seen at times from the carriage at the station, when there's enough lighting, as it's 11.65m. under the surface. [1][2]
Travessera Line I L3 Never built Gran de Gràcia Gràcia Located between Diagonal and Fontana, around Travessera de Gràcia, it was envisioned as a midpoint between these two stations, which were deemed to be too far from each other, but it was never built. [citation needed]

Moved to nearby locations[edit]

All these are still in use, but have been moved somewhere around their original location.

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