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Dobroslav / Dobrosław
Gender male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning dobro ("good, goodness") + sława/slava ("glory, fame")
Other names
Variant form(s) Dobrosława (f), Dobroslava (f), Dobroslavka (f)
Related names Dobromir, Dobromil

Dobroslav (Cyrillic script: Доброслав) is a Slavic masculine given name which contains two elements: "dobro" - good, goodness and "sława/slava" - glory, fame. The Polish spelling is Dobrosław. Variants include Serbian Dobrosav. The feminine forms are Dobroslava, Dobroslavka, Dobrosława. The name may refer to:

It may also refer to Eurasia, a translation of the name into Greek, after a Christian martyr from the 9th century.

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