Dog Gone (1926 film)

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Dog Gone
Mutt and Jeff series
Dog-gone crop.jpg
Directed by Bud Fisher
Produced by Dick Friel
Story by Bud Fisher
Studio Jefferson Film Corporation
Mutt and Jeff Films
Bud Fisher Films
Distributed by Short Film Syndicate
Release date(s) September 15, 1926
Color process Black and white
Running time 6:45
Language English
Preceded by Playing With Fire
Followed by Big Swim

Dog Gone is a silent animated short subject featuring Mutt and Jeff, the two title characters from Bud Fisher's comic strip. The cartoon is the eighth to last in the characters' long-running film series.

Originally in black-and white, this was one of the eleven Mutt and Jeff cartoons that were redrawn colorized in 1973 by Radio and Television Packagers.[1][2]


Mutt has been selected to judge a dog show. As a scheme, he tells Jeff to participate, assuring the latter will come out the victor.

Later when the dog show is about to begin, Jeff puts on a dog suit before entering. At the contest, Mutt observes the other dogs. Mutt then approaches Jeff whom he momentarily declares the winner. This provoked great envy from the other dogs as they chase Jeff out of the scene. Mutt also runs to save his buddy.

Moments after being pursued, Jeff manages to lure the dogs into the container of a horse drawn carriage. While he tries to get away, the carriage's driver catches and tosses him inside too.

The carriage arrives at a sausage plant. The driver then inserts the dogs through an opening on the plant's wall where they slide into a machine which turns them into sausages. Not wanting to share their fate, Jeff tries his best to avoid dropping in. After some trouble with a broom-wielding worker, Jeff partially falls into the machine. Fortunately, he is able to get off, and only his dog suit gets devoured. Meanwhile, Mutt eventually finds and enters the carriage. As a consequence, the driver, thinking there is one more dog left, obliviously passes Mutt into the machine. Mutt somehow gets stuck midway with legs sticking out. Jeff then pulls out his buddy, until they drop through the opening. When they are outside, Jeff notices Mutt's disfigured body, and laughs. Annoyed by this, Mutt pounds and knocks out Jeff.

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