Domenico Riccio

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Domenico Brusasorci (also known as Domenico Riccio), Death of Cleopatra, 1552. Fondazione CariCesena, Cesena

Domenico Riccio (also known as commonly known as Domenico Brusasorci; 1516–1567) was an Italian painter in a Mannerist style from Verona.

He first apprenticed with his father, and then trained with Giovanni Francesco Caroto. He was a near contemporary of Antonio Badile. By 1551, he completed the fresco decorations of the Municipio in Trento. In 1556, painted a decoration in Palazzo Vescovile at Verona. He depicted the ceremonial Cavalcade of Charles V and Clement VII in the Palazzo Ridolfi-Dalisca. He painted a Madonna in glory and two saints for San Pietro Martire in Verona in 1566. His pupils were his son Felice, Giovanni Battista Zelotti, Bernardino India, and Paolo Farinati. His son Felice painted for some years in Florence. Two other children were painters: Giovanni Battista and Cecilia Brusasorci.