Doncaster & District Senior League

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Doncaster & District Senior Football League
Country  England
Founded 1925
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 13
Feeder to Central Midlands League North Division
Website Official site

The Doncaster and District Senior Football League (currently known as the Doncaster Rovers Senior League for sponsorship reasons) is a football competition for clubs in the Doncaster area of England.

It has one division, lying at level 13 of the English football league system[1] and clubs can be promoted from this league into the Central Midlands League North Division.


The competition was formed for the 1925–26 season.[2]


The league has previously run with as many as four divisions, but as of 2015–16 it was formed as only one division of 16 teams that will play each other once and then form two divisions of eight teams (Premier Division and Division 1) after the Christmas break with the top eight and bottom eight forming each division respectively that will play each other a further two occasions to determine the championship. There are two league cup competitions - one for Premier Division clubs and one for Division One clubs.

League champions[edit]

1925–26 Armthorpe
1926–27 Thorne Colliery
1927–28 South Kirkby Colliery
1928–29 Pilkington Recreation
1929–30 Pilkington Recreation
1930–31 South Kirkby Colliery
1931–32 Pilkington Recreation
1932–33 Hatfield Main
1933–34 No competition
1934–35 No competition
1935–36 No competition
1936–37 No competition
1937–38 No competition
1938–39 Harworth Colliery
1939–40 Harworth Colliery
1940–41 Harworth Colliery
1946–47 Edlington Rangers
1947–48 Rossington Colliery
Season Division One Division Two
1948–49 Highfields Dinnington
1949–50 Highfields Harworth Colliery Institute
1950–51 Dunscroft Welfare Stainforth Democratic
1951–52 Briggs Social Tickhill
1952–53 Armthorpe Welfare
1953–54 Armthorpe Welfare Bentley Colliery reserves
1954–55 Armthorpe Welfare
1955–56 Askern Welfare Adwick
1956–57 Armthorpe Welfare Frickley Welfare
1957–58 Armthorpe Welfare Bullcroft
Season Division One Division Two Division Three
1958–59 Adwick WMC Tom Hill OB Houghton Main
1959–60 Adwick WMC Houghton Main Cortonwood MW
1960–61 Armthorpe Welfare Cortonwood MW Mitchell & Darfield
1961–62 Armthorpe Welfare British Ropes Clay Lane Social
1962–63 Adwick WMC Clay Lane Social Langold United
1963–64 Maltby Main Dinnington Athletic High Terrace
1964–65 Armthorpe Welfare Langold United Wheatley H OB
1965–66 Langold United Goldthorpe Colliery Bentley Victoria
1966–67 Askern Welfare Bentley Victoria Unbrako Steel
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1967–68 Houghton Main Mexborough Main Street Unbrako Steel Northcliffe WMC
1968–69 South Kirkby Colliery Bentley Victoria Northcliffe Edlington WMC
1969–70 British Ropes Northcliffe Edlington WMC Cortonwood MW
1970–71 Redfearn National Glass Upton Goldthorpe Miners Welfare Hyde Park WMC
1971–72 Redfearn National Glass Edlington WMC Carcroft WMC Denaby St Albans
1972–73 Houghton Main Northcliffe Yorkshire Main Mexborough MW
1973–74 Houghton Main Moorends Athletic Conisbrough Hemsworth West End
1974–75 Houghton Main Scawthorpe Social Hemsworth West End Upton United
1975–76 Houghton Main Carcroft WMC South Elmsall Pretoria Kinsley Boys
1976–77 Edlington WMC Grimethorpe Miners Welfare Kinsley Boys Dearne Community
1977–78 Grimethorpe Miners Welfare Denaby St Albans Hickleton Miners Welfare Armthorpe Welfare
1978–79 Grimethorpe Miners Welfare Hickleton Main Brodsworth Miners Welfare Whisper
1979–80 Edlington WMC Northgate WMC Whisper Bridon
1980–81 Mexborough Main Street Brookside Plant Works Yorkshire Main
1981–82 Houghton Main Armthorpe Welfare Armthorpe Welfare reserves Hemsworth St Patricks
1982–83 Armthorpe Welfare Pretoria WMC Hemsworth St Patricks Groves Social
1983–84 Houghton Main Brodsworth Welfare Hemsworth Town Upton Brookside
1984–85 Brodsworth Miners Welfare Northgate WMC Toll Bar Central Hemsworth Blue Bell
1985–86 Bridon Kinsley Boys Clay Lane Social Kilnhurst Colliery
1986–87 Northgate WMC Hemsworth Town Langold Old Boys Bentley Colliery
1987–88 Kinsley Boys Toll Bar Central Bentley Colliery Scawthorpe Social
1988–89 Thorne Colliery Skellow Grange South Kirkby Colliery reserves Hyde Park WMC
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1989–90 Thorne Colliery South Kirkby Colliery Cantley Hawthorn
1990–91 Thorne Colliery Hyde Park WMC Bentley WMC
1991–92 Thorne Colliery Bingham Sports Sutton Rovers
1992–93 Thorne Colliery Peglers Hatfield Main reserves
1993–94 Kinsley Boys Brookside WMC Upton & Harewood Social
1994–95 Kinsley Boys Sutton Rovers Yorkshire Main reserves
1995–96 South Kirkby Colliery Ackworth United Edlington British Legion
1996–97 South Kirkby Colliery Highfields MW South Kirkby Colliery reserves
Season Premier Division Division One
1997–98 South Kirkby Colliery Stainforth Central
1998–99 Sutton Rovers Hemsworth St Patrick reserves
1999–00 Sutton Rovers Rossington Main reserves
2000–01 Bentley Colliery Moorland
2001–02 Edlington WMC Hatfield Bluebell
2002–03 Hemsworth St Patrick Moorland
2003–04 Armthorpe Thorne Red Bear
2004–05 Hatfield Main Swinton Station
2005–06 Hemsworth St Patrick Tickhill Athletic
2006–07 Kinsley Boys Maltby Sheppey
2007–08 Hemsworth Alpha Swinton Station
2008–09 Upton & Harewood Social Moorland
2009–10 Edlington Town Maltby MW JFC
2010–11 AFC Sportsman Rovers Carcroft Village
2011–12 Sutton Rovers Denaby United
2012–13 Denaby United Denaby Main
2013–14 Denaby United Swinton Athletic reserves
2014–15 Sutton Rovers Dunscroft United
2015–16 FC Graceholme Askern reserves
2016–17 Sutton Rovers Yorkshire Main


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