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DJ The Prophet
The Prophet at Airbeat One Festival 2015
The Prophet at Airbeat One Festival 2015
Background information
Birth nameDov Joseph Elkabas
Also known asThe Godfather of Hardstyle
OriginAmsterdam, Netherlands
GenresHard Dance / Hardstyle
Years active1988–2023
The Prophet, 2015

Dov Joseph Elkabas (born 5 November 1968), known professionally as DJ The Prophet, is a Dutch hardcore techno and hardstyle DJ and producer. The Prophet is also the owner of one of the largest hardstyle record labels, Scantraxx.[1]


The Prophet started his career as a DJ in 1983 after he discovered turntables at a disco in Amsterdam. He was working in a hotel at the time, and performing as DJ on the side. He was asked to choose, and made the choice to DJ full-time.[2] He started spinning hip hop music before a switch to house in 1988.[3] About three years later, he set up a team of DJs known as "The Dreamteam", together with DJ Dano, Buzz Fuzz and Gizmo.[4] The team was a huge success in the gabber scene.[5]

Later, The Prophet switched from hardcore to hardstyle because he did not like the fact that the hardcore community wanted the music to become 'harder'.[5] He is famous both as a DJ and as a producer.[citation needed] He is also the owner of Scantraxx Records, one of the largest Dutch hardstyle record labels.[5]

His productions were released on vinyl and CDs on labels such as ID&T or Q-dance. He is also behind many DJ mixes which were published on CDs, such as the Thunderdome CDs, and he was involved in projects including Hardheadz (along with DJ Pavo) and Punk Brozz (with DJ Zany).

In 2014 he released his first album, Louder, which took about nine months to produce.[2]

As of 2023, The Prophet announcing his retirement after more than three decades of making music & deejaying across the globe. He will be doing so once he concluded his "From The Hard" tour visit, which include Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2023 as his final destination.[6]


Album name Year Label Other info
In The Mix 1996 ID&T mix-cd
Best Of The Prophet 1997 ID&T
Go Get Ill 2000 Masters Of Hardcore 10' record under the alias Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet
Kick Azz 2002 Masters Of Hardcore Under the alias The Masochist
Scantraxx presentz: HardheadZ 2002 Scantraxx / Digidance mix-cd featuring DJ Pavo
Qlimax 5 2003 Q-dance mix-cd
Bounzz 2004 - The 2nd Edition 2004 BMG mix-cd with contributions from DJ Dano
History Of Hardcore 4 - Dreamteam Edition 2004 Sony mix-cd + DVD
Scantraxx Volume 2 2004 Sony / Scantraxx mix-cd dubbel
3xhard3r 2005 Digidance mix-cd with contributions from DJ Ruthless and Korsakoff
Hard - 80 Minutes Hard In The Mix 2006 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx mix-cd hardstyle / hardcore
The Prophet Hard2 2006 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx mix-cd electro-house / hardstyle / hardcore
The Prophet Hard3 2008 Cloud 9 Music / Scantraxx mix-cd jumpstyle / hardstyle / hardcore
Houseqlassics Ten Years 2009 Q-dance mix-cd house/ hardcore
Louder 2014 Scantraxx Album


Track Title Year Label Release info
The Source 1992 DT Music Under the alias Avantguarde
To The Rhythm 1992 DT Music Under the alias Collage
Cook & Curry 1993 Mokum Records Under the alias Cookiemunsta
Dominatin 1993 Dreamteam Productions Daniël Leeflang
Thunderdome 4 EP 1993 Dreamteam Productions
Dominatin' EP 1993 Dreamteam Productions
Allright Now Here We Go!!!! 1994 Dreamteam Productions
Featuring "The Highest Sense..." 1994 Say No More
Housetime! 1995 Test Crash Records
Big Boys Don't Cry 1995 Pengo Records
I Love You 1995 Boedha Records
Freeze Now 1995 Boedha Records
The Way You Make Me 1995 Pengo Records With DJ Delirium
We ♥ To Party 1995 Test Crash Records With DJ Delirium
Cyberzone 1995 Cyberzonic Records
I Like It Loud 1996 Test Crash Limited
Da Boomin' Bass 1996 Test Crash Records With DJ Delirium
Feels So Real 1996 ID&T With DJ Delirium
What Iz Life 1997 Dreamteam Productions
Power Pill 1997 H2OH Recordings With Omar Santana
Return Of The Zilla 1997 The Rose
Slam The Place 1998 ID&T With E-Rick & Tactic
Roll The Place 1998 ID&T With Buzz Fuzz
Harakiri Vol. 1 1999 BZRK Records With 50% of the Dreamteam & DJ Buzz Fuzz
Go Get Ill 2000 Masters of Hardcore With DJ Buzz Fuzz
Scratched 2003 Scantraxx With DJ Dana
Hardstyle Baby 2003 Scantraxx
Follow The Leader 2004 Scantraxx With DJ Duro
Follow The Leader 2003 Q-Dance, ID&T
Another Track 2004 Scantraxx With SMF
Bitcrusher/Mani-X 2005 With The Beholder & Max Enforcer Seismic Records
Shizzle the Rmx 2005 Scantraxx With DJ Duro
Stereo Killa 2005 ScantraXXL With Marc Acardipane
Emergency Call 2005 Q-Dance Defqon.1 anthem 2005
Big Boys Don't Cry/Allright Now Here We Go!!! 2006 ScantraXXL
Payback 2006 M!D!FY With Brennan Heart
Dipswitch / OG Pimp 2006 Scantraxx Special
Stampuhh!! 2006 Scantraxx With Deepack
Fucking Pornstar/Cocain Bizznizz 2006 Scantraxx
Big Boys Don't Cry 2006 Scantraxx
High Rollerz / Scar Ur Face 2007 Scantraxx Reloaded With Headhunterz
Remixx3d 001 2007 Scantraxx
Cold Rockking / Alive 2008 Scantraxx Silver With Wildstylez
Chubby / Fuck-R 2008 Scantraxx
Summer of Hardstyle 2009 Scantraxx Proppy & Heady
Psycho Ex 2009 Titanic Records With Technoboy, ft. Shayla
Recession / Morphed 2009 Scantraxx
Elites / My Worship 2010 Scantraxx Silver
My Religion / Don't Touch Me / Black Stripez 2010 Scantraxx Silver
I Like It Rammuhloud (X-Pander Mash-Up) 2011 Free Release
Wake Up! / Till U Believe It / Face the Enemy (Zany Rmx) 2011 M!D!FY With Brennan Heart
Wake Up! (The Prophet's Hardcore Remuxx) 2011 Free Release With Brennan Heart
Shizzle (2011 Remuxx) 2011 Scantraxx With Dj Duro
Forget About It 2011 Scantraxx
Pitch Black 2011 Scantraxx Special Official Black 2011 Anthem
Window of Time / Really Don't Care 2011 Scantraxx
Ordinary Life 2012 Scantraxx Special
One Moment 2012 Scantraxx
Mindkiller 2012 Scantraxx
BOOOM!! / Punk MF 2012 Scantraxx
Smells Like Hardstyle 2012 Free Release
Someone Like You 2012 Free Release Feat. Ndrah Lake
Bring Me Down 2012 Scantraxx With Audiofreq, feat. Teddy
We Are One! 2012 Scantraxx With Audiofreq
Reflections Of Your Dark Side 2012 Scantraxx Special Official Black 2012 Anthem
My Style 2012 Scantraxx
H3Y! 2013 Scantraxx Special
Ordinary Life 2013 SectionZ Records KATFYR Remix
The Bizz 2013 Scantraxx
Prozaxx (X-Pander Kick Edit) 2013 Free Release with Zatox
R3tro 2013 Scantraxx
So Wrong 2013 Scantraxx With Popr3b3l
Everlasting 2013 Scantraxx Special
Summer of 2011 (Prophet Refixx) 2014 Origins Proppy & Heady
Tracking The Beat 2014 Scantraxx
Triple F (Fight For Freedom) 2014 Scantraxx With The Anarchist
Hoo-Ey 2014 Scantraxx
Conquer the World 2014 Scantraxx With Audiotricz
Embrace 2014 Scantraxx
For The Better 2014 Scantraxx
H3Y! (2014 Edit) 2014 Scantraxx
I'm The King 2014 Scantraxx With Adaro
Evil Rains 2014 Scantraxx With Rob Gee
Echoes 2014 Scantraxx feat. Lilly Julian
Afsluitplaatje 2014 Scantraxx
Make Me Stay 2014 Scantraxx With Noisecontrollers & Leonie Meijer
Breaks E.P. 1 2014 Scantraxx
Breaks E.P. 2 2014 Scantraxx
I'm A Superman / Say Forward 2014 Negus Roots With Neville Brown
Louder 2014 Scantraxx
IDGAF (I Don't Give A Fuck) 2014 Scantraxx With The Anarchist, feat. Rob Gee
Dark Matter 2014 Scantraxx With The Anarchist, (Official Ground Zero 2014 Anthem)
Rokkstar 2014 Scantraxx
Kikkdrum 2014 Scantraxx
Till I Die 2015 Scantraxx
Jumpp upp 2015 Foolish records With Darkraver
Mixmaster 2015 Scantraxx
Here We Go! 2015 Foolish Records
Reverse Bass 2015 Scantraxx
Till I die 2015 Scantraxx
Flute 2015 Scantraxx
Caramba 2016 Scantraxx
Hunt You Down 2016 Scantraxx With Rob Gee
Desire 2016 Scantraxx
Welcome To The Club 2017 Scantraxx
One Of Us 2017 Scantraxx
Tyrone 2018 Scantraxx
Lights Out 2018 Scantraxx
Wanna Play 2019 Scantraxx
The Lonesome Boatman 2019 Scantraxx
Get dumb! 2020 Scantraxx
Wanna Play (270 BPM Terror Edit) 2020 Scantraxx
The Miracle 2020 Scantraxx
I Got A Dream 2020 Scantraxx
Get Dumb (Melody Mix) 2020 Scantraxx
Lay Low 2021 Scantraxx
Creatures Of The Night 2021 Scantraxx
It's My Beat 2021 Scantraxx
Underworld 2021 Scantraxx
Listen To Your Hardcore 2021 Scantraxx
Esta Loca 2022 Scantraxx
In Hardstyle We Trust 2022 Scantraxx With Chuck Roberts
Never Fake 2022 Scantraxx
Never Alone 2022 Scantraxx
The Get Back 2023 Scantraxx With Frontliner
Haters Gonna Hate 2023 Scantraxx With Frequencerz
Killing No More 2023 Scantraxx With Dr. Peacock
Ichiban 2023 Scantraxx With Malice
Make Some Noise 2023 Scantraxx With Level One


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