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Dr. Nim is a toy invented by John Thomas Godfrey[1] and manufactured by E.S.R., Inc. in the mid-1960s. It consists of a marble-powered plastic computer capable of playing the game of Nim. The machine selects its moves through the action of the marbles falling through the levers of the machine.

Game play[edit]

Dr. Nim is an early computer game. The "game board" is a simple Digi-Comp digital computer with memory switches (the three-lobed levers) that "remember" earlier game actions. Their starting positions form the program that plays Nim.


Dr. NIM was based on a mathematical game called NIM, which similarly consisted of twelve marbles. The name NIM is actually WIN upside down, due to how a simple strategy will always win as long as the opponent goes first. This is the strategy for single-pile NIM: If the opponent takes 3 marbles, the first player should take 1. If the opponent takes 2 marbles, the first player should take 2. Finally, if the opponent takes 1 marble, the first player should take 3. The goal of the game is to get the last marble (the 12th marble).


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