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Dr. No may refer to:

James Bond[edit]

  • Dr. No (novel), the 1958 James Bond novel by Ian Fleming
    • Dr. No (film) (1962), the first James Bond film, with Sean Connery in the lead role
    • Dr. No (soundtrack), the film's soundtrack album
    • Dr. Julius No, the title antagonist and villain of the 1958 novel and the 1962 film


Due to the notoriety of the James Bond novel and film, the term "Dr. No" is often used to describe politicians who usually vote against proposals unless they feel a substantial case to vote for it has been made. Some notable politicians who have been given the nickname include:

  • Tom Coburn, a physician and member of the United States Senate from Oklahoma, called "The Senate's Dr. No" by the journalist George Will
  • John Kitzhaber, former Oregon governor and physician who held a state record for vetoing legislation
  • Ian Paisley, the former First Minister of Northern Ireland and founder of the Democratic Unionist Party, whose speeches, commonly objecting strongly to the Anglo-Irish Agreement, earned him the nickname
  • Ron Paul, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas whose medical degree and frequent dissenting votes earned him the nickname
  • Tommy Thompson, former state legislator and Governor of Wisconsin
  • Andries Treurnicht, former Leader of Opposition in South Africa and instrumental in the "no" campaign in the 1992 South African apartheid referendum
  • Joel Wachs, former member of the Los Angeles City Council


  • Dr. No (song), a song by Systems in Blue, totally unrelated to the film or the novel

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