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Michael Mendillo
Providence, Rhode Island
Alma materProvidence College, Boston University
Scientific career
InstitutionsBoston University
Doctoral advisorMichael D. Papagiannis

Michael Mendillo is a professor of astronomy at Boston University. His primary research interests include space physics, planetary atmospheres, observations and models.[1] He is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. [2]


In 1966, Mendillo received his B.S. in physics from Providence College. In 1971, Mendillo received his Ph.D. from Boston University in physics and astronomy[1].

Mendillo became a professor of astronomy at Boston University in 1985, where he works presently.


Mendillo leads a research group that has developed new imaging techniques for observations of emissions from the atmospheres of the Earth, planets and moons.[1] With the help of his research group, Mendillo led the discoveries of extraordinary large, tenuous atmospheres of sodium gas on Jupiter, on the Earth's moon and in comet Hale-Bopp. He is also known for his work on Active Experiments, the research technique of introducing known gaseous perturbations into space plasmas, observing the effects, and deriving the basic physical processes that govern the system.[3][4][5]

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