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Not to be confused with HGTV Dream Home.
Dream House
Genre Documentary
Written by Lucy Frost
Narrated by Jose Marrero
Composer(s) Larry Seyer
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 19
No. of episodes 211
Producer(s) Dwight Adair
Lucy Frost
Editor(s) Sandra Adair
Christopher Roldan
Production company(s) Granite House Inc.
High Noon Entertainment
Distributor Home and Garden Television (HGTV)

Dream House is a show on HGTV produced by High Noon Entertainment in the United States. Each season follows one person, couple, or family as they complete a new build or renovate an existing home, to obtain their dream house. Past seasons have featured thirteen 30-minute episodes, but the most recent seasons have only eight 30-minute episodes.

The show is filmed in a semi-documentary style, with the camera crew acting only as an observer and unseen host Jose Marrero providing voice over comments. Each season covers many aspects of building a house, including laying the foundation, weather delays, tackling restrictive terrain, dealing with permits, putting on the finishing touches, budgetary issues, and arguments between the homeowners and contractors.


Episodes in the first nine seasons of the show focused on the very basics of building, starting with financing in episode one, choosing a builder in episode 2, etc. In subsequent seasons, episodes focus more on the challenges of each project, highlighting arguments between the contractors and the home owner, and the strain that the construction causes to the family. The first episode of each season usually starts when the ground is broken or actual construction starts.

Season list[edit]

Season Eps Location Details
1 13 Houston, Texas Guy and Lisa Land build a new home that will be featured in the National Homebuilder's Show, allowing the owners to get material donations to save money
2 13 Maple Forest, Minnesota Rick and Linda Glasgo construct a new home with the help of friends in the business
3 13 Minnesota Jim and Dee Sandberg undertake a two-year renovation of existing one-story ranch farmhouse for their family of five
4 13 Columbia, Maryland Bruno Reich renovates his older home in response to a lawsuit from his neighbors for covenant violations
5 13 Scituate, Massachusetts Chuck Cullum builds his dream home on the coast after tearing down the old family home
6 13 Washington, D.C Dean Henney attempts to renovate his 1880 Victorian townhouse
7 13 Beaufort, South Carolina The Smith family moves from Douglasville, Georgia to build their dream home in a historic district requiring adherence to strict building guidelines
8 13 Austin, Texas John and Clarice Cefai sell their newly renovated home to build their dream home on Lake Travis
9 13 Silver Spring, Maryland Richard and Tanya Landry acts as the general contractor to spend two years building a new home out of insulated concrete forms to save costs
10 13 Portland, Oregon Brandon Brown takes on the task of building a home on a lot that is extremely steep and triangular shaped, making it a challenge for all involved
11 13 Riverside, Illinois John and Janan Cain tear down an old ranch house to build their dream home in the planned suburb of Riverside
12 13 Tucson, Arizona Anita and Brad Feder builds a 23 personal resort
14 13 Boulder, Colorado Christopher and Tina Herr deal with a steep slop to build on the land Christopher's grandparents had once planned to retire to.[1]
15 10 Oregon Silene and Geno Rush remodel their existing home to make it into their dream home, doing as much work themselves as possible to cut costs.
16 8 Chattanooga, Tennessee Kelli Smith and James Ladd build a five-story, 6,500-square-foot (600 m2) home they designed themselves while coping with a 45 degree slop and having Kelli's father as general contractor.[2]
17 8 Chicago, Illinois Carmin Awadzi, with support from her husband Winston and their four kids, starts a new career in general contracting by building her family's 4,200-square-foot (390 m2) dream home on a $740,000 budget.
18 8 San Diego, California Three college friends buy a beach property.
19 8 Purcellville, Virginia Stephen and Shannon Mackey construct a timber framed tasting room and house for the Notaviva Vineyards.[3]


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