Drive Live

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Drive Live
Judie tzuke - drive live.jpg
Live album by Judie Tzuke
Released 2002
Genre Pop / Rock
Label Big Moon Records
Producer Paul Muggleton
Judie Tzuke chronology
Queen Secret Keeper
(2001)Queen Secret Keeper2001
Drive Live
The Beauty of Hindsight
(2003)The Beauty of Hindsight2003

Drive Live is the title of the fourth live album by singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke, recorded during her 2002 UK tour and was released the same year.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "We'll Go Dreaming" (adapted version, from Turning Stones)
  2. "Don't Look Behind You" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  3. "Parallel Lives" (from Under the Angels)
  4. "The One That Got Away" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  5. "Left Hand Talking" (from Left Hand Talking)
  6. "Two Mountains" (from Under the Angels)
  7. "Bring the Rain" (from Welcome to the Cruise)
  8. "Late Again" (from Shoot the Moon)
  9. "On Days like These" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  10. "Indian Giver" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  11. "Molly" (from Sportscar)
  12. "Drive" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  13. "Sukarita" (from Welcome to the Cruise)
  14. "Lion" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  15. "One Minute" (from Queen Secret Keeper)
  16. "The Choices You've Made" (from Sportscar)