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Droids Attack is a Madison-based stoner rock band. Much of the band's sound combines the heavy riffs of stoner metal with the speed and ferocity of punk. The band releases material on Madison's Crustacean Records[1] and Minneapolis-based Round 13 Records co-op label. "Droids Attack’ premier album, “All Your Chicks Are Belong To Us” garnered much deserved recognition in the punk-metal realm of the Midwest. In 2004, the album won a MAMA (Madison Area Music Award) for Best Punk Album." [2] Their second full-length album, Fatal/Error has garnered positive reviews from stoner rock internet hub, stonerrock.com. The band usually plays in the Midwest area, but in 2008 played the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. [3] They are infamous for their metallic robot mascot, Robo, who occasionally terrorizes audiences at shows.[4]

The band has cited influences such as Black Sabbath, Helmet, Torche, Quicksand, The Melvins, Cuda, and Clutch.

At the 2008 Forward Music Fest in Madison, Droids Attack opened for influential fellow-Madisonian alternative/sludge band, Killdozer. They also played at Riot Fest in Chicago in 2010 and 2012.

In the spring of 2012 the band parted ways with long-time bassist Nate Bush and added Dennis Ponozzo (Sinking Suns/Below the Sound) to the lineup, before ultimately adding Madison favorite Darwin Sampson (Helliphant/Way Off the Horse).

Current Members[edit]

  • Brad Van (guitar/vocals)
  • Tony Brungraber (drums)
  • Darwin Sampson (bass)

Ex Members[edit]

  • Nate Bush (bass)
  • Dennis Ponozzo (bass)



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