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Duncan Dunbar (b? – d1825) was a Scottish ship owner and wine merchant who built the Dunbar Line of trading and convict ships.

There is no evidence that Duncan Dunbar who died in 1825 (born in Scotland about 1764) owned any ships. The Dunbar Line was built up by his son, also Duncan Dunbar. Duncan junior was born on 9 September 1803 at 7 Fore Street, Limehouse, Middlesex. This was where his father had established himself as a brewer and wine merchant.

On the death of their father, Duncan and his brother John took on the running of the business. John's share was bought out by Duncan who expanded the business into shipping. He was extremely successful and when he died on 6 March 1862 at his home at Porchester Terrace, Paddington his fortune amounted to £1.5 million.

Duncan never married ("he didn't have time") and much of his fortune went to his sisters and to family and friends.

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