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Map of the DOCs and IPRs of Portugal. Number 16 corresponds to Douro DOC and Duriense VR.

Duriense is a Portuguese wine region covering the same area as the Douro DOC and the Port wine region.[1] In difference from Douro DOC, Duriense VR is a designation at the lower Vinho Regional (VR) level, which corresponds to table wines with a geographical indication under European Union wine regulations, similar to a French vin de pays region. Thus, it is the simpler or less typical wines of the Douro region that are sold using a Duriense VR label.

Before the creation of a separate Duriense VR, the Douro vineyards were part of the former Trás-os-Montes VR, which is now called Transmontano VR and no longer includes the Douro vineyards.[1]

Donzelinho branco is one of the authorized grape permitted to be blended in the wines of Duriense.[2]

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