Dutch Supercar Challenge

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Dutch Supercar Challenge
ChevroletC6.R MoslerMT900RGT3 MarcosLM600 HH2011.jpg
Category Touring cars and Sportscars
Country BelgiumNetherlandsLuxembourg Benelux
Inaugural season 2001
Drivers ~80
Drivers' champion Netherlands Diederik Sijthoff
Official website supercarchallenge.nl
Motorsport current event.svg Current season

The Dutch Supercar Challenge is a motor racing series centered on the Benelux. A special feature is that touring cars, GTs and Sportscars can all participate on an equal basis within the same class, enabled by very open regulations. The championship was first held in 2001. It replaced the Supercar Cup.

Format and regulations[edit]

A typical race weekend exists of the usual practice on Friday and Saturday, qualifying on Saturday and two races of 45 to 60 minutes with one pit stop of at least 60 seconds. One race is on Saturday and one Sunday. The four classes usually run separate races two classes at a time. The two fastest run together and the two slowest run their race separate. The exception is at Spa-Francorchamps where all four classes can and do run together in two races over the weekend. All races are started from a rolling start though in the past standing starts have been used as well. "Success time" is awarded after every race. The first-place finisher gets 15 seconds, second place gets 10, third place gets 5, fourth place loses 5 seconds, fifth place loses ten and all below fifth place lose 15 seconds. This is added to the time of the minimum pit stop duration. The reason no "success ballast" is used, is the immense variety in vehicles competing. For instance, a 50 kg weight has a much larger effect on a Lotus Elise than it has on a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe even though these can compete in the same class.


  • Sport I - Vehicles over 5.2 kg/bhp. Engines maximum 3000cc and 6 cylinders.
  • Supersport II - Vehicles over 4.7 kg/bhp but under 5.2 kg/bhp. Engines maximum 5000 cc and 8 cylinders.
  • Supersport I - Vehicles over 3.7 kg/bhp but under 4.7 kg/bhp. Minimum mass is 1080kg. Engines as in Supersport II
  • GT - Vehicles over 2.7 kg/bhp but under 3.6 kg/bhp. Minimum mass is 1180kg.

Single make series[edit]

During most of its lifetime the Dutch Supercar Challenge has served as a host to many single make series. In the first two years the Marcos Mantis Cup ran within the GT class. In 2003 it was fully integrated in the GT class. Starting in 2008 the Mosler Challenge has run within GT. In 2010 three series were added. Those are BRL V6 and the Saker Challenge, not to be confused with the series of the same name the DNRT hosts, both within Supersport I and BRL Light in Supersport II. The BRL series were before separate events and still have a slightly different calendar. The races at Silverstone don't pay them points while the races at the Zolder truck Grand Prix do though to all other classes they don't count.


Season GT Supersport I Supersport II Sport I Sport II Marcos Mantis Cup Mosler Challenge -
2001 Netherlands Herman Buurman Netherlands Ruud Olij Netherlands Arjan Vels Netherlands Dirk-Jan Hofmans Netherlands Herman Buurman
2002 Netherlands Pieter van Soelen
Netherlands Cor Euser
Netherlands Rudolf van Soelen Netherlands Arjan Vels Netherlands Peter van der Kolk
2003 Netherlands Rob Knook
Netherlands Peter van der Kolk
Netherlands Hans Ambaum Netherlands Albèrt Priem
2004 Netherlands Cor Euser
Netherlands Jos Menten
United Kingdom Graham Coomes Netherlands Hans Ambaum
2005 Netherlands Pieter Dubois
Netherlands René Wijnen
Netherlands Lex van der Meijden Netherlands Richard van den Berg
2006 Netherlands Hans Ambaum Netherlands Pieter van Soelen Netherlands Eugène Janssen
Netherlands Rolf van Os
2007 Netherlands Ardi van der Hoek
Netherlands Arjen van der Zwaan
Netherlands Peter van der Kolk United Kingdom Tony Brown
United Kingdom Ian White
Netherlands Kees Kreijne
2008 United Kingdom Martin Short Netherlands Henk Thuis Netherlands Pieter van Soelen Belgium Luc de Cock Netherlands Rob Nieman United Kingdom Martin Short
2009 Netherlands Cor Euser Netherlands Nol Köhler
Belgium Henk Haane
Netherlands Bert van der Zweerde Netherlands Nik de Jong
Netherlands Koen Bogaerts
United Kingdom Martin Short
2010 Netherlands Alex van't Hoff Netherlands Rob Frijns
Netherlands Charlie Frijns
Netherlands Pieter van Soelen Netherlands Richard van der Bos
Netherlands Bert van der Zweerde
2011 Netherlands Diederik Sijthoff Netherlands Wolf Nathan
Netherlands Jaap van Lagen
Netherlands Ferry Monster
Netherlands Robin Monster
Netherlands Aart Bosman
Season Super GT GT GTB Supersport SEAT León Supercopa1 Sport I Sport II -
2012 Netherlands Diederik Sijthoff Netherlands Barry Maessen Netherlands Kees Kreijne Netherlands Koen Bogaerts
Netherlands Pieter van Soelen
Netherlands Ferry Monster
Netherlands Robin Monster
Netherlands John van der Voort
Netherlands Priscilla Speelman
Netherlands Rob Nieman
2013 United Kingdom Glynn Geddie
United Kingdom Jim Geddie
Belgium Steve Vanbellingen
Belgium Ward Sluys
Belgium Patrick Lamster
Belgium Marc Neyens
Netherlands Ferry Monster
Netherlands Robin Monster
Netherlands Ferry Monster
Netherlands Robin Monster
Netherlands Aart Bosman
Season Super GT GT GTB Supersport SEAT León Supercopa2 Sport Superlight I Superlight II
2014 Netherlands Roger Grouwels
Netherlands Arjan van der Zwaan
Netherlands Robert de Graaff
Belgium Patrick van Glabeke
Belgium Fréderique Jonckheere
Netherlands Max Koebolt Netherlands Cor Euser Belgium Jonas de Kimpe Netherlands Dennis de Borst
Netherlands Martin de Kleijn
Netherlands Henk Thuis Netherlands Carlo Kuijer
  • 1 – The SEAT León Supercopa class was a class for just SEATs within the Supersport class.
  • 2 – The SEAT León Supercopa class was a class for just SEATs within the Sport class.


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