Ratinger Löwen

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Ratinger Lowen
CityRatingen, Germany
LeagueDeutsche Eishockey Liga
ColoursRed, White, Black

Ratinger Lowen was an ice hockey team in Ratingen, Germany founded in 1979. They played in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga from 1994-1997.


Ratinger played in the Regionalliga for the 1984-85 season, which they promptly won, and were promoted to the Oberliga. They won the Oberliga two years later, and were promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga. Ratinger was promoted to the 1.Bundesliga after a second-place finish in the 2.Bundesliga. When the 1.Bundesliga became the Deutsche Eishockey Liga in 1994, Ratinger continued playing there until they folded in 1997.

A successor club, Revierlöwen Oberhausen, was founded in 1997 and operated until 2007.

Season-by-season record[edit]

Season League First round Final round/
1984-85 Regionalliga 1st place 1st place
1985-86 Oberliga 2nd place 4th place
1986-87 Oberliga 1st place 6th place
1987-88 2nd Bundesliga 5th place 9th place
1988-89 2. Bundesliga 6th place 5th place
1989-90 2. Bundesliga 8th place 1st place
1990-91 2. Bundesliga 4th place 8th place
1991-92 2. Bundesliga 2nd place
1992-93 Bundesliga 8th place Quarterfinal
1993-94 Bundesliga 8th place 2nd round
1994-95 DEL 16th place 1/8 Final
1995-96 DEL 10th place 1/8 Final
1996-97 DEL 10th place Relegation

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