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ETV Live
Live album by
Smilers & Üle-Eestilise Noorte Sümfooniaorkestri oktett
Released6 December 2008
RecordedNovember 2007 at the Russian Culture Centre
LabelBulldozer/H. Sal-Saller
Smilers chronology
Õhus on Smilers
ETV Live

ETV Live is a live album by Estonian rock band Smilers. The concert was done in cooperation with the octet of Pan-Estonian Youth Symphony Orchestra and Estonian Horny Horns. The album features both a CD and a DVD.

The material was recorded in 2007 in Tallinn at the Russian Culture Centre by Eesti Televisioon for a broadcast in ETV Live.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tükike minust" (A piece of me) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  2. "Keelatud viljade turg" (The market of forbidden fruits) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  3. "Upun su silmadesse" ([I'm] drowning in your eyes) (from Jalgpall on parem kui sex)
  4. "Pimedam pool" (Darker side) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  5. "Vuntsidega mees" (Man with moustache) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  6. "Närtsinud roos" (Faded rose) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  7. "Annika" (from Õhus on Smilers)
  8. "Seilan 7 merd" ([I'm] sailing 7 seas) (from Suure surmaga läbi elu)
  9. "Mürk" (Poison) (from Suure surmaga läbi elu)
  10. "Tantsin sinuga taevas" ([I'm] dancing with you in the sky) (from Mõistus on kadunud)
  11. "Üle tumeda vee" (Over the dark water) (from Õhus on Smilers)
  12. "Sajaga" (roughly Full on, lit With hundred)
  13. "Ära viska mind ära" (Don't throw me away) (from Mõistus on kadunud)
  14. "Smilersi planeet" (Smilers' planet) (from Mõistus on kadunud)
  15. "Asi on maitses" (It's about taste)
  16. "Sellel ööl" (In that night) (from Ainult unustamiseks)
  17. "Jalgpall on parem kui sex" (Football is better than sex) (from Jalgpall on parem kui sex)

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