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About this sound Ostmark  is a German term meaning either Eastern march when applied to territories or Eastern Mark when applied to currencies.

Ostmark may refer to:

  • the medieval March of Austria and its predecessors Bavarian eastern march and March of Pannonia in a post-19th century usage
  • the medieval Saxon Eastern March east of the Elbe River
  • the eastern regions of the Prussia acquired in the partitions of Poland, mainly the Province of Posen
  • Ostmark (Austria), Austria's name when it was part of Nazi Germany
  • Ostmark was a Gau of the Nazi Party, composed of the Prussian province Posen-West Prussia and eastern parts of Brandenburg

Ostmark may refer to the following historical currencies:

  • East German mark or Mark of the German Democratic Republic, the East German currency before 1990
  • German ostmark, short-lived currency used in eastern areas occupied by Germany in 1918

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