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East Sydney is a small inner-city locality in Sydney, Australia. It is situated immediately east of the Sydney central business district, adjacent to Hyde Park.

East Sydney is a locality within the suburbs of Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst and is in the City of Sydney. The locality is of predominantly residential and also includes education, media, commercial, and significant cafes and restaurants. It contains a number of institutions of significance including the Australian Museum, Sydney Grammar School, MTV and a residence of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The locality has a distinctive history, transitioning through periods of high regard to ill-repute. The locality is contained within the NSW Office of Heritage & Environment "East Sydney and Darlinghurst Conservation Area". As of 2015, it continues to evolve as one of the last inner-city locations within Sydney to be gentrified.

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Coordinates: 33°52′31″S 151°12′53″E / 33.87531°S 151.21459°E / -33.87531; 151.21459