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The Eating Out film franchise is a series of American LGBT-themed comedy films beginning with Eating Out (2004). Simultaneous filming for Eating Out 4: Drama Camp and Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend took place in 2011.[1] They are distributed by Ariztical Entertainment.


Cast members[edit]

List of characters from Eating Out (film series)

Character Film
Eating Out (2004) Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (2006) Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat (2009) Eating Out 4: Drama Camp (2011) Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend (2012)
Tiffani von der Sloot Rebekah Kochan
Aunt Helen Mink Stole
Casey Daniel Skelton
Zach Christopher Chris Salvatore
Benjamin "Benji" Aaron Milo
Penney Lilach Mendelovich
Lilian "Lilly" Veracruz Harmony Santana
Andy Joel Rush
Kyle Jim Verraros
Gwen Anderson Emily Brooke Hands
Marc Everhard Ryan Carnes Brett Chukerman
Caleb Peterson Scott Lunsford
Milkshake Marcy Natalie Burge
Joey Billy Shepard
Richard John Janezic
Professor Winston James Stafford "Doc" Williamson
Jamie Peterson Jillian Nusbaum
Frank Peterson Murph Michaels
Susan Peterson Martie van der Voort
Troy Marco Dapper
Jacob Scott Vickaryous
Octavio Adrián Quiñonez
Violet Müfdaver Jessie Gold
Allen James Michael Bobby
Derek Joseph Morales
Shane Andrew Ley
Surfer Guy Nicholas James
Eric Todd Mitchell
Linda Sarah Lily
Neil Michael Serrato Michael Serrato
Ryan Michael E.R. Walker
Harry Leslie Jordan
Lionel John Stallings
Tandy Julia Cho
Pam Sumalee Montano
Candy James loaiza
Tabitha Tabitha Taylor
Jason Garikayi Mutambirwa
Dick Dickey Drew Droege
Genevieve Marikah Cunningham
Matty Rob Westin
Roger Jesse Archer
Connor Steven Daigle
Beau Ronnie Kroell
Peter Michael Vara
Luis Alvaro Orlando
Pastor Nicol Paone
Congressman Piel Chris Puckett
Jayden Michael King
Brandon Michael Clifford
Bernard Geoffrey Dwyer
Mitch William Brown
Vladimir Garrett Montoya
Dan Greg McKeon


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