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Edison is an epic poem by Czech poet Vítězslav Nezval.[1] It was written in 1927.[2] Later it was included in the poetic book Básně noci (Poems of the Night) which was published in 1930.[3] The main hero of the poem is American inventor Thomas Alva Edison, considered by the author to be a modern genius. Nezval's work is a praise of human activity, technology, and science, but also an expression of anxiety about civilisation.[4] Nezval compares the inventor's work to writing poetry.[5] He points out that every creative work demands much toil and courage.[6] After Edison's death in 1931 Nezval wrote Signál času (Signal of time) which is an elegy. Both poems are written in the same measure, trochaic hexameter. Nezval uses long enumerations,[7] building sophisticated poetical imagery.[8] Nezval's Edison was probably influenced by Guillaume Apollinaire's work, especially the poem Zone, which was translated into Czech by Karel Čapek.[9]


The poem was translated into English by Ewald Osers. François Kérel, helped by Nezval himself, translated the poem into French.[10] It was also twice translated into Polish, by Kazimierz Andrzej Jaworski and Józef Waczków.


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