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For the species of dragonfly, see Edonis helena.
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The Edonis is a car created by Italian automobile manufacturer B Engineering.

It is based on the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport but was extensively re-engineered. The only major component retained from the original Bugatti is the carbon-fiber chassis. Both the exterior and interior of the car were completely redesigned. The 3.5 liter Bugatti engine had its displacement increased from 3500 cc to 3760 cc. The original four small IHI turbochargers were replaced by two larger units from the same manufacturer. Engine power was boosted from 610 PS (449 kW; 602 hp) and 650 N·m (479 lb·ft) of torque to 680 PS (500 kW; 671 hp) at 8000 rpm and 735 N·m (542 lb·ft).

In addition, the 4WD triple-differential drivetrain from the original Bugatti was replaced with a much simpler and lighter RWD transaxle, thus saving approximately 70 kg from total weight. These power figures give the 1500 kg Edonis a power-to-weight ratio of 480 bhp/ton. In addition, the engine's specific power output is an unprecedented 181 bhp/liter. The brand claims a maximum speed of 365 km/h (227 mph), while accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds.

B Engineering plan to build only 21 vehicles from chassis originally built for Bugatti by Aérospatiale (Most of the remaining chassis delivered to Bugatti prior to their bankruptcy were delivered to Dauer Sportwagen when they purchased the assets of the company). The Edonis is expected to sell for around €760,000.

B Engineering chose to build 21 examples because it was the first car of the 21st century.

The Edonis appeared in the video game Test Drive Unlimited as a downloadable car.

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