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Edsvik Konsthall east

Edsvik Konsthall (Edsvik Art Gallery) is a Swedish art gallery which focuses on Swedish and international contemporary art. The gallery is situated on an 18th-century estate at Edsviken in the north of Stockholm. Some 15–20 exhibitions of Swedish and international artists are held at the gallery each year. Edsvik Konsthall is the second largest art gallery in Sweden and it belongs to one of the art galleries which cherish the art of painting. The art gallery consists of two main buildings; gallery east and gallery west. The director, Ricardo Donoso, was hired by Sollentuna Municipality in 2004.


Edsvik Konsthall was founded in May 1996 and is located at Stallbacken next to Edsberg castle in Sollentuna municipality. The buildings at Stallbacken consist of stable and barn buildings which originally belonged to Edsbergs castle. The castle and stallbacken is owned by Sollentuna municipality since the seventies. In 1986 the society Stallbackens vänner (eng. the friends of Stallbacken) was established for the purpose of building a community center in Sollentuna which was named Duvslaget. The ambition of running an art gallery started with the artist group Konstnärsgruppen which was established 1985 by a group of artists living in Sollentuna. In 1994 the group presented an outline to Sollentuna municipality for their project Konsthall Stallbacken. The ambition was to create a meeting place for culture workers, trade and industry as well as the public, both for the municipality of Sollentuna and the rest of Stockholm. In mars, 1996, the art gallery Edsvik Konsthall is officially open.


  • Maria Fridh 1996-2002
  • Stefie Goudaki 2002-2003
  • Ricardo Donoso 2004-


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