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Education Without Borders or “Educación Sin Fronteras” (ESF), founded in 2007, is an NGO focused on development & poverty alleviation , its goal being to use education & learning to craft a more just caring world. It hopes to reach these goals using two distinct methods: international action and cooperation focused on development in the LDC of the world, as well as, promoting change and awareness in every community at home.

ESF's objective is to be an organization committed to defending and promoting quality education as a fundamental human right applicable to all. ESF believes education to be the driving force in the transformation and development of individuals and their communities. ESF also believes education to be instrumental in the development of a fair, non-discriminatory society which offers opportunities to all people.

ESF considers transparency and quality indispensable in its work. It is a member of the Coordination Development NGO's of Spain (CONGDE), and is subject to the code of conduct which regulates the activities of its member groups. In March 2007, ESF received the classification by the International Cooperation Agency of Spain (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional) (AECI) as an NGO specialized in education.


ESF carries out its goals in the countries of the South, using the following initiatives:

  • Qualification for professional educators. Training professional educators in the countries of the South.
  • Youth vocational training: Work opportunities and basic training for young people in a variety of different trades.
  • Strengthening civil society. Support in the formation of methods and means to existing NGO's in the countries of the South.
  • Creating educational centers. Helping give the 275 million children without schooling access to a basic as well as specific education.

Currently, ESF carries out international cooperation and development projects in Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and, the Dominican Republic, in collaboration with local counterparts.

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